Email Marketing is STILL popular ( #Everyday ). 72 percent of consumers prefer email as their primary source of business communication. That means 3 out of 4 people are like, “PLEASE email me! …I hate phone calls.” But all the growth of email marketing automation has led to an increase in spam emails with poor writing and too many images. Don’t you love to get emails that appear to be from real people? Of course you do! Here are 3 Email Marketing Growth Hacks to increase your responses.

Send Text Only Emails

Blue background with text that says "64 percent of people prefer text only emails."

Graphics and Images in emails are like a big sign that says SPAM. Emails from your friends are just text. Emails from your coworkers are just text. When people see lots of graphics, they immediately assume that the email is NOT important and PROBABLY a waste of time ( unless they are a BIG fan ).

Blue background that shows an example of Outlook blocking images in an emal

Many people won’t see your images. Email apps hide images because they are a security threat, so your recipients are shown a warning message and must add you to their safe sender list. Unless they are big fans, the chance of them doing that is slim. That means the money and time that went into making your emails beautiful is actually making your emails worse ( …. whoah…dude ). It’s clear now why 64% of people prefer text only emails. Text looks more personal, like from your friend. Get rid of the images.

Send from a Personal Email Address

Blue graphic with an example email sent from a personalized email address

You might be a company of one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make up a fake marketing assistant named Sarah and send all your emails from her ( Thanks Sarah!). An email sent from “” will get better open rates than an email sent from “” because it appears to be coming from a real person. Plus personal name emails are less likely to be marked as spam.

Personalize your Content

Example of an email that is written without any personalization

You ABSOLUTELY must address your contacts by their first name. Who reads an email that starts with “Hello Sir/Madam”?! Collect your customers first names so that you can address them properly. Personalized subject lines are 22% percent more likely to be opened. But you need to personalize, well everything.

Blue graphic with example of email segmentation chart

Segment your customer and prospect list by their product interest, demographics, locations, and even their engagement ( Opens 4/5 emails ). These segments can then be used to personalize your emails. You wouldn’t talk to a 55 year old the same way you talk to a 25 year old, right? Personalization takes a lot of time, but if you want people to open your emails and take action, then you need to do it.

There’s a lot more you can learn by experimenting with some of these ideas. So run some A/B test on your email campaigns and discover what works for you.