Growth hacking is finding ways to draw attention or take advantage of something ( platform, app, event ) to increase your growth. One of the main problems people have at events is meeting people. With these event marketing growth hacks prospects will come to you! And they will REMEMBER you.

Wear a logo suit or dress:

Have a tailor make you a custom suit or dress with your company logo repeating across the entire surface ( custom logo patterned fabric ). Then wear this to every event that you go to and become the talk of the party. Boom new clients!

Here’s how to do it: Go to and order some pattern samples for about $8 to determine the size of your logo pattern and the type of fabric you will use. A suit jacket needs about 2 to 3 yards of material, so the material will cost you around $85.

Next you will need to find a tailor in your area that can take your measurements and use the logo fabric to make your suit or dress ( of course girls! ). A tailor will charge around $200-300 dollars, so shop around and see if you can get a good deal. Wear your one of a kind suit to every event and become the talk of town.

If you are on a budget, you can create a similar experience excluding your logo by wearing one of the following ready made suits.

(1) Pacman Suit

(2) Confetti Suit

Use Snapchat’s location based ads:

Snapchat allows anyone ( even your business ) to create a location based filter or lenses for as low as $5. The pricing depends on the square feet, the duration of the ad, and the popularity of the location.

Here’s how it works: You look for events ( locations ) where your prospects who use Snapchat will be, such as award shows, tech events, conventions ( get creative ). Then you create a filter ( Frame ) or a Lens ( Augmented reality ) with Snap’s online software ( limited ) or create your own with Photoshop ( awesome ) and schedule the ad for the duration of the event. If you know the exact location ( as in only Hall C) , then you can target only that specific area to reduce your costs. You don’t even need to be at the event! You can create the ads and schedule everything from their website.

You don’t have to target just events. You could look for locations ( gyms, offices, tourist attractions ) that have your prospects who are also taking photos on Snapchat. To be successfully you will need to be creative with your filters and lenses so that they relate to the event enough that people want to use them. Snapchat forbids links, hashtags, emails, user names, or any other contact info from being placed on your graphic, but you can place your company’s logo. Even if you don’t place your logo on your frame, users will still be shown a message stating “this frame/lens was sponsored by ABC company”. It’s going to take some creativity and planning, but this could be a great way to reach some otherwise hard to reach people ( Investors, Celebrities, Startup CEO’s ).

Create your filter/Lens: Snapchat Geo-Ad Creator

Hand out instant photos as business cards:

Event Marketing Growth Hacks - Instant Print Camera

This growth hack is sure to get you attention. (1) Use an instant print camera like the FujiFilm Instax Mini 90 Classic to shoot and print photos of people you meet at events. (2) Then place a 2in wide x 1In high sticker with your info on the back of the photo and give it to them ( The photos are 2.1in wide by 3.4in high ). If you buy the film in bulk packs you can reduce the cost of each photo down to 75 cents. Every time I have done this at events it has been a huge success, and many people have emailed me thanking me for their photos.

Purchase Camera: FujiFilm Instax Mini 90 Classic

Purchase Film: Fuji Instax Mini Instant Film

Purchase Stickers: 2W” x 1H” Stickers

If you need Graphic Design help you can hire us or someone on Fiverr.

Give out Hashtag T-Shirts

If you regularly attend a popular event such as an industry meetup group ( #StartupGrind, #DCInsureTech ), then T-Shirts with an industry or event Hashtag are a great event marketing growth hack to make connections.

Here’s how it works: Design and order 5 custom T-shirts online, I recommend CustomInk. 5 T-Shirts will be about $80 Dollars. Place the Hashtag on the front, the back can be blank, and the sleeve can have a small link to your Linkedin profile. It’s just text, so don’t spend money hiring a Graphic Designer. Wear this T-Shirt and bring a few with you to your next meetup. Don’t even mention the T-Shirt. If people say “Where’d you get that!?”, then you picked the right hashtag.

Tell them they can have a shirt if they let you post a photo on Linkedin ( Nothing’s for free!). Take out your phone ( I hope you brought it! ) and add them on Linkedin. Boom connection! Then take a photo of them wearing it or holding it at the event, tag them, and write a comment about how great it was to meet them ( mention what they do ). They’ll probably comment back and that will boost the audience of your post. Whenever they wear that shirt they will remember you. Whoever asks them where they got it, they will point to you.

The goal is not to obviously advertise your business, rather it’s to create an experience at the event where people are talking about the shirts with you at the center of the conversation. If you pick the right hashtag, then you can make a lot of new connections.

Let me know if you try any of these: