Facebook posts with photos get 2X more clicks, likes, and shares ( engagement ). If you want people to love your content, then you need to post more than stock photos. Be real. In this post I will show you 7 ways to get CRAZY Facebook engagement with photos.

Make your Office Pet an Internet Star

Photo of a dog snowboarding

Do you have an office dog, cat, hamster? Turn them into an internet star with photos and videos. How about creating an ongoing story for your office pet and show weekly highlights ( Fluffy goes to the park, Fluffy eating pizza, Fluffy helping a new client ). Animals are a neutral subject that people unfamiliar with your business will like ( photos of Dave in accounting have a more limited fan base). Boosting your office pet photos ( and videos ) will drive traffic to your Facebook business page in a subtle way. You’re not saying, “Buy my products!”, but instead, “Fluffy went snowboarding!”. And who doesn’t want to see Fluffy snowboarding? ( Like )

Take Photos of Special Guests

Photo of famous Chris's

Have your receptionist photograph guests next to your logo, post the photos on Facebook, and tag the visiting companies. Your guests will feel like VIP’s. Your following will get to see the people side of your business. And your receptionist will enjoy their new marketing responsibility ( “#OMG!”).

Photograph Company Events

Photo of Fans going crazy at an event

Every event is a chance to capture photos and videos for social media. Golf events. Team events. Happy Hours. You should capture everything you do as a team an encourage your team to create content with their phones and share it with you. What’s more interesting, “Epic Strikes from our Bowling Battle” or “5 reasons why you must buy our product?”. Use Facebook Ads to retarget leads with your products, but use your Facebook Page to educate, entertain, and engage your following.

Introduce your Team with Photos

Photo of boss

Your employees are the magic that makes your products and services great. Instead of talking about your products, talk about your employees. Introduce them with photos and videos. Showing off your people allows you to promote your company while appreciating your employees. There’s no better way to make someone feel good than to say good things about them to all your friends.

Share your Holiday Photos

Girls with two donuts looking confused

There over 50+ Holidays in the United States. There’s Christmas and 4th of July, but there’s also those made up holidays like National Donut Day. Most businesses will post generic ( AKA Boring ) happy holiday stock photos, but you can stand out by creating custom content for those holidays. Donut Day? That’s an easy one, just take photos of your team with their favorite donuts. National Super Hero day? Get your CEO to dress up as Spiderman. If you put in just a little bit of effort to be creative, your fans will love you.

Snap some Silly Photos

Two guys taking a silly photo

If you have not seen “The Office” ( US Version ), then get a Netflix account and watch it. Work is serious, but you can have fun. Prank your boss. Every month. Have you made an office dance video? Good place to start. What about a silly face contest? Snap! Your employees probably have some good ideas. You could make a cooking show with the boss or a zombie insurance video. Be a little silly.

Host a Photo Contest

Example of Photo contest ideas

There are two types of photo contests: (1) a photo contest for your employees, and (2) a photo contest for your followers. You can run a photo contest among your employees by asking them to send in photos by email. Then management can vote to select a winner and post it on your Facebook. To run a photo contest for your Facebook Fans, you can use a contest app like Wishpond to accept entries and display them on a contest voting page.

You can use wishpond to run photo contestsRunning a successful photo contest requires a strong incentive to enter. Be creative with your prizes. For example, lunch with the CEO might not cost anything, but it could be a valuable prize. You can also work with a third party to provide a prize in exchange for advertising, such as a photographer offering headshots. Your Facebook page will get more engagement and the third party will get promoted ( win-win ).

Bonus: Photography Tips

Shoot in raw format

You don’t need a professional camera ( smartphones are fine ), but shoot photos in RAW format if you can. RAW files contain all the shadow and highlight data, which is better for editing.

Always shoot in landscape format

Always shoot your photos and videos in landscape format. Landscape format photos are better suited for websites, videos, and print materials.

Balance your subject in the middle or center right or Center Left

Frame your subject within the middle left, center, or middle right.

Backup photos

Backup your photos on Dropbox within individual folders that include the date, location, and subject. ( 6_27_2018_ParkCityUtah_CompanyPicnic ).

My gear:

Lumix GX8 ( Lightweight Mirrorless Camera )

Olympus 45MM ( Portraits )

Olympus 17mm ( Wide group shots )

Lumix 25mm ( Everyday shooting )

There are even more opportunities to capture photos! But you have to be ready! Always have a camera with you and be proactively looking for content opportunities. Events are opportunities. Guests are opportunities. Every day is an opportunity.

Chris Mayernik
CEO, Start Some Marketing