Brand Guide

A Brand Guide helps maintain consistent branding throughout your marketing materials by serving as a reference for designers, marketers, and third parties.


Shipping Included:

*In the Continental US


Design & Copywriting Included:

( 2 revisions )


25 Printed Copies + PDF


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A Brand Guide maintains consistent branding throughout your marketing materials by serving as a quick reference guide for designers, marketers, and third parties. A Brand Guide answers the important questions about your branding so that even if every marketing project is completed by different people, each project will appear to be created by one unified approach.


Your Brand Guide will include detailed sections on your Logo Guidelines, Color Palette, Typography, Writing & Tone of voice, Photos & Graphics, and Design Examples. It is designed to be simple, helpful, and easy to reference.


1. Branding Review + Questions: Email us digital copies and photos of all your current marketing materials and complete our branding questioner so that we have a good understanding of your current approach and style.

2. Our recommendations: We’ll discuss some branding recommendations over the phone for improving and unifying your branding and marketing.

3. Putting it all together: We’ll begin writing, designing, and putting together the different sections of your 12 page brand guide.

4. Review and Approval: We’ll present our first draft of your guide, then we can discuss and make changes or send the final copy to the printer. Done.


How many pages is the guide?: 12 pages. It is best to keep it as short as possible and cover only the essentials. Brand Guides that are large are less effective because they overwhelm third-parties with rules and information. There are only a few essentials that a third-party needs to know and we cover all of those in our brand guides.

Additional Sections: We can include extra sections and pages for an additional cost of $500 per page.