Employee Swag Pack

Impress new hires and level up team spirit with this awesome branded Employee Swag Pack. These swag items are great gifts to make new hires feel special. You can also use them as rewards for competitions and employee appreciation.


Custom Packaging

( for Headphones )


Design included:

( 2 revisions )


Shipping Included:

*In the Continental U.S.


3-Months Production Time

What's included?

( 100 ) T-Shirts
Unite your team with these one-color T-Shirts with your logo printed in 1-color on the front.
Sizes included or tell us: ( 30x S | 30x M | 30x L | 10x XL )

( 100 ) Infuser Water Bottles
Cool down your prospects with BPA free plastic 25oz infuser water bottles. Place fruit or vegetables inside and your water will be naturally flavored.

( 100 ) Backpacks
Wow your employees with these backpacks full of high tech features. Your logo is printed in full color on a metal plate on the top of the backpack.

( 100 ) Wireless Headphones
Rock your employees with these wireless headphones with your logo on the sides, noise reduction, and a 33 ft. range.
Includes Custom Packaging

Why invest in employee swag?

Employee swag helps unite your employees on the same team. Whether you are trying to impress new hires or supercharge your team spirit, employee swag is a great addition to your employee engagement and retention strategy.



Shipping and production time: The headphones are manufactured overseas and take up to 3 months due to the custom packaging. The other items will usually be completed and arrive within 1-month.