Large Envelopes

Send your marketing materials and client information out in style with branded 10″ x 13″ Peel & Seal® envelopes.


2-Color Printing

( Front & Back )


Design included

( 2 revisions )


Shipping included

*Continental U.S.


3-Weeks Production Time


Every document you mail is an opportunity to reinforce your branding and cross-sell your existing clients. Are your clients aware of your latest product or service? Is there an opportunity to cross-sell your clients with another product they might not be aware of? Use the envelopes that you are already sending out to generate new business from existing clients.


Our large 10″H x 13″W envelopes use 28lb. paper and feature Peel & Seal® technology for quick sealing. 2-color printing is included for the front and back. Mailing design restrictions limit what we can do on the front, but the back can include plenty of text and graphics. We recommend including your logo on the front and your tagline and contact info on the back.

What makes a good envelope?

Branding: including your logo, tagline, and contact info reinforces your branding and creates a professional look for your company.

Simple: Too many graphics and texts will just make your envelope look like junk mail. Keep it simple for a clean and professional look.

Informs: A good envelope cross-sells an additional product or service. This could be as simple as saying, “did you know we also do XYZ?”.


Size: 10″H x 13″W

Paper Weight: 28lb.

Sealing: Peel & Seel Adhesive