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Word Letterhead Templates for press releases, invoices, marketing sheets, HR Docs, and more.


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2-Weeks Production Time


A Microsoft Word® letterhead template can transform any text into a professional looking document. Stop using “that” letterhead with your old logo. Ensure every letter— every document—you share looks professional.


Our designs can be completely customized with Microsoft Word®. You can change contact info and footer information with just a few clicks. We include premade templates with your branding for common letterhead uses.

Letterhead Usage Tips:

Educate your employees on style guidelines: Make sure your employees know what the correct font, font-size, and styling should be for documents created in Microsoft Word. We include a letterhead style guide for your brand, but you will need to educate your employees on why they should follow it.

Store your letterhead template in the cloud: Whether you use Dropbox or Microsoft OneDrive, backup your letterhead and other company templates in a read-only folder that is shared with all your employees.

Provide each employee with the latest version: Provide your employees with the latest version of your letterhead and instruct them to delete older versions so that every Word document they create has consistent branding.


Size: 8.5″ x 11″

Format: Microsoft Word®

Templates included:
( General Template )
( Invoice Template )
( Product / Service Template )
( Press Release Template )
( Job Description Template )
( Employee Bio Template )
( Letterhead Usage Guide )