Mouse Pads

Brand every workspace with soft antimicrobial mouse pads that feature your colors, logo, and company information.


Full Color Printing

( Print area: 7.8" x 8.75" )


Design included

( 2 Revisions )


Shipping included

*Continental U.S.


1-Month Production Time


Mouse pads make great employee swag because your employees need them ( who doesn’t use a mouse? ), and they amplify your branding to visitors and help create a unified branding experience within your office.


Our 7.8″ x 8.75″ soft mouse pads are the classic style you know made out of antimicrobial rubber that is a little squishy. Your logo and contact info is printed in full color across the entire surface of the mouse pad.

What makes a good mouse pad design?

Simple: Employees will look at their mouse pads many times per day, so its best to avoid cluttered designs that may be an eye sore.

Educates: Mouse pads are a chance to educate your employees about your business. If you put your mission statement on mouse pads, then everyone in your office should be able to recite it within a year. What info do you want employees to remember? Use mouse pads to educate.

Sticks in place: A mouse pad that slides around when you move your mouse would drive anyone crazy. Our mouse pads have a sticky rubber on the bottom that will hold them in place, so you can work with one less problem.


Size: 7.8H” x 8.75W”