Reach your clients & prospects with 500 First-Class postcards mailed every other month for 12 months. Envelopes can be included at no additional cost.


Full Color Printing

( Front and back )


First-Class Postage

( included )


Design included

( 2 revisions )


2-Weeks Production Time


80% of postcards are seen by the intended recipient, and 70% of U.S. consumers prefer unsolicited direct mail over email. Postcards are not “better” than email marketing, but rather you should be doing both, at least to a small segment of your most important clients and prospects.


Our 5.5″ x 8.5″ double-sided full color postcards are made with a durable 110LB card stock with a smooth matte finish. For direct mail to be effective it must be long term, so we only offer long-term packages such as this 12 month package where 500 postcards are sent out every other month. We can track your postcards’ response by unique emails, landing pages ( additional cost ), promo codes, or call tracking ( additional cost, $125 to $250 a month based on call volume ).

3 creative ways to use postcards:

Educational campaigns: Use postcards to introduce your team to your clients while providing expert advice and knowledge.

Photo contest: Have a photo contest and send out the winning photos on postcards with magnets for easy placement in the kitchen.

Cross-sell your clients: Do your P&C clients know you do benefits? Do your private clients know you have a great life insurance team? Use postcards to remind them throughout the year of how you can help.


Size: 5.5″x 8.5″

Paper weight: 110lb

Finish: Matte UV