Power up your meetings with a beautiful company PowerPoint presentation that includes simple graphics, professional copywriting, and branded layouts.


Design + Copywriting Included

( 2 revisions )


Templates included


Print + Web Files included

( PDF, Powerpoint )


1-Month Production Time


Alongside a skilled speaker, a branded PowerPoint greatly increases the professionalism and credibility of your company. You may be a 10 person company, but a well designed PowerPoint can make you look much larger.


Our PowerPoint overview is a 20 slide presentation of your company’s story, capabilities, and credibility. We recommend 20 slides or less because even at just 30 seconds per slide your presentation would be 10 minutes. An effective presentation is concise and includes only key information to establish trust, credibility, and capabilities. In addition to your custom made PowerPoint, we also include ready to edit PowerPoint templates for company meetings, product information, visitor greetings, birthdays, and sales meetings.

PowerPoint Tips

Keep it simple: If your audience is more foucsed on reading your PowerPoint instead of listening to you, then you have too much information.

PowerPoints should be clear on their own: You may want to email your PowerPoints, and to make these effective you must question if each slide communicates clearly without a presenter adding additional information.

Text must be clear from a distance: Text must be big enough to be readable from at least 10ft so that everyone at the table can see.


Slides: 20

Deliverables: PowerPoint + PDF