Summer Promo Pack

Keep your prospects cool with this summer promo pack. We’ve handpicked the best summer promo items and bundled them together to make it easy for you.


Good for about:

( 4 events )


Design Included:

( 2 Revisions )


Shipping included:

*Continental U.S.


1-Month Production Time

What's included?

( 200 ) Sunglasses
Style up your marketing with these ready to rock sunglasses with your logo and website printed in 1-color on the sides.

( 150 ) Infuser Water Bottles
Cool down your prospects with BPA free plastic 25oz infuser water bottles. Place fruit or vegetables inside and your water will be naturally flavored.

( 200 ) Waterproof Pouches
Protect your valuables from water damage at the pool and beach with these triple-lock waterproof pouches with your logo printed in one color.

( 200 ) Sunscreen Bottles
Promote sun safety with these travel ready 1.9oz broad spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen bottles with your logo and carabiners.

Recommended amounts for events:

This pack is designed to last you about 4 events if you follow these guidelines:

1 Marketing event:

  • 50 x Ice Scrapers
  • 60 x Lip Balms
  • 25 x Touch Screen Gloves
  • 30 x Beanies