Table Cover

Make any 6ft or 8ft event table look professional with a full color table cover with your logo, contact information, and company colors.


Full Color Printing

( All over )


Design included

( 2 revisions )


Shipping included

*Continental U.S.


2-Weeks Production Time


Make the most of every sponsorship and marketing event by utilizing our branded table covers to give your booth a professional look with your logo and contact information clearly visible on the front.


Our table colors are 100% polyester and printed in full color across the entire surface. We recommend a simple design for your table cover using your company’s primary color as the cloth color with your logo, tagline, and contact info on the front in large text that is visible from 10 feet away. A simple design can be used to broadly market your company, but we can also create a design for a specific product or service that you offer.

Should I buy the 6ft cover or the 8ft cover?

A 6ft table is the most common size at tradeshows and events, so we recommend you get this size. If you end up using an 8ft table, then the sides might not be completely covered, but it will still look good. On the other hand, if you think you will be using mostly 8ft tables, then getting the 8ft is a good choice as long as you fold the table cloth and use clips to make it fit a 6ft table when necessary.


Material: Polyester

Size: 6ft or 8ft