Winter Promo Pack

Level up your winter marketing with these best-selling winter promo items bundled together with savings. This pack is designed to last you 4 marketing events for your fall / winter season.


Good for about:

( 4 events )


Design included:

( 2 revisions )


Shipping included

*Continental U.S.


1-Month Production Time

What's included?

( 200 ) Ice Scrapers
Help your prospects see clearly with these 10″ ice scrapers for frosty mornings. Your logo and contact info is printed in 1-color on the handle and blade.

( 250 ) Lip Balms
Protect your clients from dry lips in the winter with these unflavored .16oz lip balms with SPF 30 protection and your logo on the wrapper.

( 100 ) Touch Screen Gloves
Warm up your prospects with these fleece-lined touch screen gloves with your logo and contact info printed in white on the top of both gloves.

( 120 ) Beanies
Keep your prospects warm in the winter with these beanies with your logo embroidered in up to 4 colors on the front cuff.

Recommended amounts for events:

This pack is designed to last you about 4 events if you follow these guidelines:

1 Marketing event:

  • 50 x Ice Scrapers
  • 60 x Lip Balms
  • 25 x Touch Screen Gloves
  • 30 x Beanies