Promo Packages

  • Icons of items for start promo pack

    Starter Promo Pack

    We’ve bundled promo classics together in a simple pack that we recommend for events in any season.

  • icon of flower

    Spring Promo Pack

    Get ready for spring with our spring promo pack that includes enough promotional items for 4 events.

  • icon of sun

    Summer Promo Pack

    We’ve picked the best summer promo items and bundled them together into this awesome promo pack.

  • icon of snowflake

    Winter Promo Pack

    Level up your winter marketing with these best-selling winter promo items bundled together with savings.


  • Icon of sticky notes

    Post-it Notes

    Make your branding stick with 3x3in Post-it® Note pads with your logo and contact info.

  • Icon of pen

    Bic-Clic® Pens

    Durable plastic Bic-Clik® pens with your logo on the barrel and website on the clip.

  • icon of usb


    Share your marketing materials as preloaded content on USB drives with your branding.

  • Icon of water bottle

    Infuser Water Bottles

    Cool down your prospects with durable BPA free plastic 25oz fruit infusers water bottles.


  • icon for slim power charger

    Slim Power Chargers

    Supercharge your marketing with branded slim power chargers for mobile devices.

  • icon of hand sanitizer

    Hand Sanitizers

    Safeguard your prospects from germs with these 1.9oz Hand Sanitizers + Carabiners.

  • Icon of frisbee


    Let your marketing soar with these 9in plastic frisbees with your logo.


  • Icon of sunglasses


    Style up your marketing with these ready to rock sunglasses with your logo and website.

  • Icon of sunscreen

    Sunscreen Bottles

    Promote sun safety with these travel ready SPF 30 sunscreen bottles with carabiners.

  • icon of water pouch

    Waterproof Pouches

    Protect your valuables from water damage with these triple-lock waterproof pouches.


  • Icon of icescraper

    Ice Scrapers

    Help your prospects see clearly with these 10″ ice scrapers for frosty winter mornings.

  • Icon of lipbalm

    Lip Balms

    Protect against dry lips in the winter and sunburns in the summer with lip balms.

  • Icon of gloves

    Touch Screen Gloves

    Warm up your prospects with fleece-lined Touch Screen Gloves with your logo.

  • Icon of beanie


    Keep your prospects warm in the winter with beanies embroidered with your logo.

    Premium Promo Items

  • Icon of bluetooth speaker

    Wireless Speakers

    Rock the party with your branding on these wireless speakers with 5 hours of playtime.

  • Icon of bluetooth headphones

    Wireless Headphones

    Rock your prospects with these wireless headphones with your logo on the sides.

Why invest in Promo items?

  • #Promotional items attract people to your booth at marketing events.
  • #Promotional items are kept for an average of 6.6 months.
  • #Promo items continuously promote your company.